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Sucking hard: The Wedding Present, 7 Nov 2012

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Saw The Wedding Present last night, doing their [Steve Albini-engineered] Seamonsters album in its entirety, and thankfully padding it out either side, whereas they used to play only an album and then piss off:

I must have been standing right behind whoever filmed this, so it’s a pretty good memento!

They were really good (as always), and pretty loud too, but Gedge’s guitar parts should have been way louder for my taste. He’s still great, though: funny, unassuming and still a brilliant songwriter — see recent album Valentina.

Their Japanese support band, Toquiwa (tok-ee-wah), were very entertaining too, in a different kind of way:

Their singer’s mangled Engrish (she knew what she was doing), keyboard stomping, impressive beer-downing skills and infectious, boundless enthusiasm won over all; unfortunately, the video above doesn’t show any of that, being from another gig…


Everyone is Wrong

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Many years ago, I posted my interpretation of the lyrics to Lyle Workman’s Everyone is Wrong (as performed by Frank Black and the Catholics in a 1996 John Peel session) on, but Google no longer finds the post, and doesn’t recognise the lyrics. Here they are in the hope that Google can find them again:

I saw a man in shackles/Shut down ’cause he heeds cynic drone/Opinions everywhere/Foolin’ around inside his head/Shake them off/And sic the dog/Believe me/Everyone is wrong/They called his genius shallow/They called him every name to show they had word-skill/Judgment from everyone/From the sublime, the deft and the numb/Sticks and stones/May break my bones/Believe me/Everyone is wrong/If you must evaluate/You must appreciate it/I don’t give weight to your proudly jaded rape of my creation/Everyone is wrong.

A righteous ‘fuck the critics’ song! Here it is, for reference (right-click to save):

Everyone is Wrong


Random shite to follow…

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Stuff that I’ve thought was a good idea at the time, or that I think should turn up in a Google search…